What Does The Middle East Peace Agreement Mean

“Many people thought that the path to peace with the Arab states should pass through Ramallah,” said Ron Dermer, Israel`s ambassador to Washington, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. “That`s not the case. The path to peace with the Palestinians passes through Ramallah, but the path to peace with the Arab states passes through Cairo, Amman, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere. On 30 April, representatives of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland and the EU envoy expressed a formal protest in response to the agreement. The emissaries also called for a freeze on government plans to allow construction in the Givat Hamatos neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. [99] On 18 May 2020, the EU issued a statement congratulating the new Israeli government, but which “is very concerned about the provision – which must be submitted to the Israeli cabinet – concerning the annexation of parts of the occupied Palestinian territories, as outlined by the Prime Minister during his government`s presentation to the Knesset on 17 May and in the coalition agreement signed above. We urge Israel to refrain from any unilateral decision that would lead to the annexation of all occupied Palestinian territories and, as such, violate international law. [91] [92] This is a diplomatic achievement for President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has largely negotiated the agreements with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the parties express their common interest in establishing and developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the area of exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes, in a manner consistent with national legislation and the international obligations of each party.

This cooperation may include the implementation of joint programs, projects and activities in the fields of science, space research, space technologies and education, the exchange of experts, information and best practices, and the promotion of cooperation between their respective space industries. Iranian leaders have strongly criticized the agreements. It`s more than words in the air. The “Abraham Accords” put Iran`s leaders in a new position. Until now, the resistance of Western governments has been mainly verbal, the only problems being nuclear weapons and sanctions, but the new situation really gives headaches. In addition, there are internal protests in Iran, where some courageous Iranians, despite the efforts of the state security authorities to silence the people and neutralize the opposition, are still ready to express their public opinion. The question for the Palestinians, given what is effective and striking the collapse of Arab solidarity in israel`s rejection, is what options they might have. But it was a strong example of how the notion of peace in the Middle East has changed with the enthusiastic support of his government. Arab states are increasingly willing to put aside the question of the Palestinian country and rights to seek a large number of relations with Israel, the region`s dominant military power and economic power. On 21 August, Prince Turki bin Fay├žal Al Saud wrote in an obvious reply to Mr. Trump, who said on 19 August that he expected Saudi Arabia to accede to the agreement, that the price to be paid for normalizing relations with Israel would be the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.