Trial Adoption Agreement

I understand and agree that this spay/castrant agreement is an obligation that this dog will not produce puppy throws, whether they are raised intentionally or by accidental breeding. For families living near each other, a test adoption for a new dog can be very helpful. A short trial period gives a chance to see how a new dog will fit in your home. If the adopted determines that the dog is not suitable during this trial period, Adopt must inform the PPAR in order to agree on an acceptable date/time for both parties for the dog`s return. The adoption fee, which is given at the beginning of the “test trial”, is reimbursed upon adoption when the dog is returned to its original condition at the beginning of the “test visit”. This is a legally binding agreement and will be fully maintained-Please do not do so until it is confident that the adoption will continue. By signing this agreement, Adopt PPAR and/or its designated agent authorize the removal of the dog from the Adopt site in case of breach of contract or extension of its puppy. Thank you for filing our online adoption agreement! The following approach is the simplest for us, whether the study leads to adoption or not. The testing phase allows you and your dog to adapt to each other and make sure that adoption is really a match.

We recommend providing adoption rules to minimize stress on the dog and help with a successful testing phase. There will be a seven-day trial visit. The purpose of this “test adoption” is to determine that the dog in question is or is not acceptable as a pet in the other person`s household. PPAR does not accept any guarantees, no guarantees as to the quality, condition or fitness of the dog defined in this agreement. Adopt undertakes to release, compensate and compensate PPAR, its officers and directors as well as the care of the dog from any liability and claim in the event of losses and damage suffered by persons or property resulting from this adoption or caused by the actions of the adopted dog. Adopt waives any compensation that is not expressly included in this agreement. In our complex, there is a large fenced park where you can meet the dogs you are interested in, or we can take them to our office if the weather conditions are not good. Using the information you`ve provided about the app and conversations, we help you find yourself with the dog we think is best suited to your family and lifestyle. If you are interested in adopting an adult dog, we allow you a one-week trial period so you can get to know it and decide if you want to make it a stable member of your family. During the one-week trial period, we provide food, cervix and leash.

There is a trial agreement to be completed and a non-refundable down payment of $100.00 is required. The trial phase is only for adult dogs – PPAR offers vaccines, microchipping, deworming, Spay/Neuter, all the care required by the veterinarian and the current anti-vermations. Once the animal is adopted, the adoptive parent pays for all veterinary care that is not mentioned in this contract or the renewal of the puppy contract. Adopt expressly waives any PPAR in terms of responsibility for the dog`s behaviour, temperament and health during this test visit and after each subsequent adoption. When is it reasonable to organize a trial adoption and how can it be done? I understand and agree with the fact that PPAR reserves the right to seize the puppy mentioned above and to maintain the adoption tax if I do not meet these contractual obligations.