Suny Rockland Transfer Agreement

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of students to ensure that they are taking courses that are entrusted. Students should be in contact with their transfer school`s admissions services. Many schools have admission counsellors who work primarily with transfer students. Make sure your transcript is evaluated by the admissions staff, who can tell you which classes are going to their institution as optional subjects, which classes are transferred to your main subject and will give you an idea of which classes to attend here. Articulation Agreement Programming Program defines the need for transfer from one campus to another. Each semester, transfer sessions are held on campus to encourage Rockland Community College students to get in direct contact with representatives of four-year-old institutions. Junior standing guaranteed for SUNY students who obtain an AA or AS degree and attend a parallel program on a four-year SUNY campus. The RCC is constantly negotiating new agreements. Visit the Student Development Centre for the latest information or visit the university`s website transfer to a four-year college is the goal of most RCC students. To facilitate this process, RCC offers transfer consulting services and guaranteed transfer contracts with many public and private four-year colleges. Students considering transfer should meet with a counsellor at an early stage of their CCR career. You are well advised to follow the AA or AS diplomas. Although the ASA is intended for students who are preparing to enter an immediate technical discipline, it can sometimes be considered a transfer diploma for certain types of specialized bachelor`s programs.

It is important to note that additional credit hours may be required by an ASA graduate who later opts for a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree. Given that some centers. B transfer require specific laboratory studies and/or specific mathematics courses, it is useful for students to consult the catalog and turn to the admission position of the four-year university in which they wish to go. State University waives the $50 tuition fee for up to seven university options for transfer students who obtain an A.A. or A.S. degree from a two-year SUNY or CUNY college who apply directly to bachelor`s programs at four-year Colleges of The State University. If you are a transfer student requesting a fee abandonment, you must answer “yes” to the first question in the “Transfer History” section of the “Academic History” tab. Research is the key to an effective transfer process. Otherwise, students may need an additional semester to complete the main subject of their choice as a junior or to spend an additional four-year semester at the university at the end of the year. The university has joint agreements with a number of public and private colleges of four years.

These agreements define certain requirements that students must meet during their participation in the AIC in order to guarantee junior status in the major of their choice after graduation and transfer. Students should contact the Student Development Centre for full information. RCC currently has articulation agreements with these institutions: Source: Suny Delhies College artikulations generally follow SUNY Pathways and are agreements between two institutions for uninterrupted transfer purposes.