Scholarship Memorandum Of Agreement

The objective of the Research And Scholarship Fund and its committee is to promote bachelor`s and bachelor`s research, academic presentation and the creative scholarship. This money is entirely spent on students and is not used for teachers, staff or any department. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is simply to present the parties` general understanding of inclusion, not to contractually bind the parties. This agreement sets out the full understanding of the parties. It replaces all prior agreements and negotiations, oral or written, on this subject. The president`s decisions resolve all internal agreements/agreements and the president has the right to terminate any agreement if it is agreed to be in the best interests of the university. “Fund” – the fund set up by ASUM, the Propstes Office and the Office of Research – Creative Scholarship/Graduate School, which raises funds for student research, academic presentation and the creative scholarship. The deadline for applications is set no later than three (3) weeks after the start of the semester. At the end of the nominations, committee members review all applications individually before meeting for a final award meeting to be held during the first five weeks of each semester to determine the portion of each application to be funded. In accordance with asUM and Board of Regents (BOR) policy, ASUM is responsible for maintaining its funds internally. This is why it will receive the funds raised by the levy within its department. “Fee” – the “Research – Fee” that ASUM has been collecting every semester since the fall of 2015; This is the result of a student tax adopted by ASUM in the spring of 2015 The Memorandum of Understanding will come into force on August 1, 2016 and end on August 1, 2017. It is renewed every year at the end of the ASUM executive mandate.

ASUM`s outgoing executives determine ASUM`s participation in this partnership for the following year. At the beginning of the fall semester, contributors contribute their agreed annual contribution to the ASUM Research and Creative Scholarship Index, which is distributed to student students according to the students defined by the Committee. The financial assistance office (or any other appropriate distribution unit, for example. B Business Services, as defined by the Director of Scholarships) is responsible for the allocation of bonuses awarded by the committee to student leaders and coordinates with the chair of the commission to ensure that bonuses are properly distributed. Premiums should be distributed to recipients up to the sixth (6th) week of each semester. The Agency allocates the funds (calculated from the ASUM Research and Creative Scholarship Index) to the recipient`s student account. The President is responsible for informing the recipient of the prize. “committee”: the resource designation and allocation committee set up by the contributing parties; its composition is referred to as “Contributing Parties,” entities, the money goes to the fund: ASUM, Bureau of Propstes, Office of Research – Creative Scholarship/Graduate School Memorandum of Understanding between Associate Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) and the Provostand Office of Research and Creative Scholarship/Graduate School regardingThe Operation of the Research and Scholarship Fee Committee for Underuuate and Graduate Student Research, Creative Scholarship, and Travel As long as will a award