Safe Restart Agreements

Foreign Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced additional funding for the three territories through their secure restart agreements and support for northern airlines on October 9. (CPAC screenshot) Ottawa announced in July the Safe Reboot Agreement released in September, and must protect public health and safety, prepare for future waves of COVID-19 and continue to support the safe reopening of economies. Municipalities are at the forefront of a safe recovery of the economy and must continue to take appropriate measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and manage public spaces and critical services such as local public transport. Federal-provincial agreement to help Scots affected by COVID and revive the economy: The Government of Canada will release $700 million to support the capacity of health systems to respond to a possible future wave of COVID-19. An additional $500 million will cover immediate needs and gaps in assistance and protection for people facing mental health, drug or homelessness challenges. This investment over the next six to eight months will help preserve the safety and health of Canadians with the health support they need and should be recognized as a first step towards longer-term discussions on health funding. Ontario looks forward to a discussion with you and all other premiers on the adequacy and sustainability of public health funding through the Transfer of Health Canada. More support for Canadians through the Safe Restart Agreement: The agreement will also help provide timely funding to municipalities so they can provide the important services Canadians need every day, such as local public transportation.B. In addition, it includes measures to help Canadian workers during these difficult times, such as ensuring safe child care to help parents return to work, and providing income assistance for people who do not have paid sick leave, so that all Canadians can stay healthy. Joint Release – Safe Restart Agreement: “Airlines are essential to the well-being and livelihoods of people living in remote communities. Airline funding, For the Government of Nunavut to support major travel and provide important goods, this is another example of how our government is committed to keeping all Canadians safe and healthy during this pandemic. ” – The revered Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, I want to salute the hard work and cooperation of the premiers in recent months in managing the COVID 19 pandemic – and I want to acknowledge the historic $19 billion agreement between the provinces, territories and the federal government.