When originally asked to assist this company, they required a complete overhaul of their material. 

It was dated, bland and didn’t help viewers understand what their purpose was.


First, the old website….


The new website (with link) was modernised, had relevant features and stood out to the viewer



Next, the old brochures were unappealing, hard to read and dated….


As an alternative we created a professional suite of 2-sided brochures


To compliment this, a 4-page service overview brochure was created alongside a matching brochure folder


Finally the company wanted to illustrate their various successes. Case studies were the best medium….


What was the result?

  • The company won 3x the usual amount of new contracts with clients with less effort as it was seen as a more professional company. This translated into $ millions.
  • It was praised by existing clients & won extra add-on services that increased revenue
  • It was also complimented at trade-shows and outshone its competitors at that time



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